Are you on vacation in Sanary-sur-Mer? Here is an ideal place to have a good time and cool off by the water: the private Yuka Beach.
To eat lunch or dinner remember to book in advance.
Free parking (see on the Yuka Beach website) is available a short 15-minute walk from the beach.


  • Bar
  • Parking
  • Shower
  • Toilets
  • Card payment


Restaurant menu

Carte de la plage

  • Transat Journée

    à partir de 9h à 19h00

    17.00 €
  • Transat 1/2 Journée

    10.00 €
  • Parasol

    8.00 €

Carte du restaurant

  • Repas moyen midi

  • Repas moyen soir


2195 Route de Bandol, 83110 Sanary-sur-Mer

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